Penny Gone Bad, Julience


Sometimes it really is just the sonics. 

Songwriting is essential. Attitude is timeless. Innovation keeps us looking. But there are some songs that just sound so sonically perfect that they transcend anything else. 

The bass sound on the song by Tash I reviewed last month is a great example. It lands the song, quite literally. You hear that sound and it wins. The rest is admin.

This is another such song. Julience, this song, a cover version, with a guitar sound so timeless, so rich and perfect that it carries everything behind it along in its wake. I was fortunate to listen to this on good speakers and with volume, and when the lead melody kicks in, it is like whiplash. But it would have been good on my phone or on the late night radio.

From there the song is built on a strong rock foundation and does not disappoint - it has a tight structure, good words and is well performed, but what this brings on top of all that is something almost magical.

If you are just starting out as a guitarist and are looking for inspiration, this is a good place to start.