Back to Molosser. Swedish. Back to Black


I dislike returning to a band to review them again. I consider a review the final word on an act. The Style Council are DEAD to me now. But from time to time a friend calls me and tells me about something I must reboot my computer and listen to. Ted Pepper has been on good form recently and he called me while I was leaving visiting a friend in a very difficult situation and sent me a link to this song and I listened to it on the bus back from Grantham. I felt lonely and drained and empty, but this music made me feel centred, and empowered and gave me a little hope. That colours my judgment a little I confess.

A rolling countryside is the perfect accompaniment to this. The dull villages and empty fields sailed past and I was able to detach myself and sink into a soundscape with that powerful melodic voice, detuned blues guitar and restrained power, covering a song I have hated since I was a small child.

The boys that liked AC/DC kicked me at school. I once shouted "wanker" when they postured and raised their fists to shout "Angus" and I timed it a fraction too late and was heard. I remember the flash of light as the boot hit my jaw.

That makes me love this version even more. It transcends the original. Back to now. I ran home to write this. It is pure, direct and clear, and it has layers. So many layers. There is joy in the playing of it and in the listening.

Look stop fucking reading this and listen to the song.

Now. Now. Now.